Mendel Kaelen, a neuroscientist and the CEO and co-founder of Wavepaths, a well-being startup focused on providing adaptive generative music experiences for, and as psychedelic therapy. In this episode, he shares with us the current findings of psychedelic and music therapy, how he found his true purpose in life, and the future of psychedelic therapy. If you are interested in expanding your mind and breaking down your old behavioral patterns, then this episode is for you.

Finding His Path

“I learned that these compounds are physiologically very safe and that the risks are primarily associated with the altered state itself.”

Mendel always had a really strong interest in consciousness and understanding the mind. When he came across psychedelic plant medicines, he wanted to try out what this experience was like. He also suffered from depression for a long time. Back in 2005 magic mushrooms were still legal in Holland. He tried it with a friend and to his surprise, his first trip completely got rid of his depression. He felt deeply connected with life and was able to see himself in a different light. After this life-changing experience, Mendel started educating himself on the topic, learned about organizations like MAPS and the Beckley Foundation, and moved to London to work with the leading researchers Robin Carhart-Harris and David Nutt at Imperial College.

What Is Psychedelic Therapy?

“It's really important to emphasize that this is not an exercise in catering music for what the individual likes. It's not about liking. It's about finding the right therapeutic support systems that are flexible that are person-centered.”

Mendel emphasizes, that psychedelics are not a magic pill, but rather a new framework of therapy. In order to be truly healing, psychedelic therapy needs to be done correctly. The interpersonal domain, the relationship with trained psychotherapists, the carefully designed environment, and music are all very important components of the work. His main research area is the music’s involvement in the therapy.

Mendel shares the history, current findings, and the possible future of psychedelic and music therapy.

Your Brain During A Psychedelic Experience

“You can think of your mind as a hill covered in snow.”

Mendel likes to compare the mind to a snow-covered mountain. The way we process information is like sliding down a snowy hill, creating tracks in the snow. The more we slide down the hill, the deeper these tracks get, and we form behavioral patterns. What psychedelics do, is that they temporarily flatten out these trails, so completely new insights and experiences can be made. These experiences can have a lasting impact.


“There is a degree of strange that opens up if you have ways to access the subconscious mind. That is why some of these experiences need some holding, frameworks and some support”

Mendel is the CEO and co-founder of Wavepaths, a startup that provides adaptive music both for psychedelic therapy and as psychedelic therapy.

There are 2 main directions for Wavepaths:

  1. Developing music tools for therapists, not only for psychedelic therapists but for any care provider who wants to enhance their capacity to work more exponentially. 

  2. Finding ways to integrate these therapeutic experiences into our daily lives, and view music as a psychedelic, and use it as a potential agent to reveal something deeper about ourselves.

Because of the current pandemic, Wavepaths doesn’t have a physical venue for now, and Mendel and his team are primarily focusing on building the technology. The music is currently tested by clinics and therapists around the world. However, if you want to get a glimpse of the technology, or be part of the research, check out https://www.wavepaths.com/!


Palma´s Guided Reflection On Transcendence

We hope you enjoyed the conversation with Mendel Kaelen. Now join us for a short guided reflection on transcendence.

I'll invite you to ask yourself when was the last time that you felt completely present? Totally immersed in whatever you were doing or who you were with.

When was the last time you forgot time and space or felt connected to something bigger than yourself? Where were you, what were you doing? Who were you with?

Some people feel this in meditation, or when being out in nature, being with friends, doing sports, listening to music, or just simply looking into the sky.

How could you bring more of these small moments of transcendence into your everyday life?

We would love to hear from you about your experience with this exercise or about any insights you had while listening to Mendel in our FACEBOOK GROUP.

About Our Guest Mendel Kaelen

Mendel is the CEO and co-founder of Wavepaths, a well-being startup focused on providing adaptive generative music experiences for, and as psychedelic therapy. A neuroscientist by training Mendel's focus has been on researching and developing a new category of psychotherapeutic tools for care seekers and care providers. Mendel was inspired to found Wavepaths while he was a postdoctoral research associate during his PhD work in the use of psychedelic drugs as treatment for depression, addiction, and trauma. He discovered the importance of music in predicting positive therapeutic outcomes. He has published more than 30 academic papers so far and is one of the lead experts in his field..

Special thanks to Mendel Kaelen for taking the time to share his inspiring story with us.

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