Welcome to the Explorer’s Mind Podcast, where we will inspire and empower you through conscious conversations with explorers of the inner and outer worlds. Our guests have ventured into uncharted territory, pursued bold challenges, found their purpose, and expanded their consciousness. We will journey through the insights and experiences of adventurers, scientists, conscious leaders, founders, activists, and artists, and provide you with the practical tools you need to expand your mind, find deep fulfillment and create an inspiring vision for your life. Open your mind to new possibilities and join us every Monday. 

“If You Are The Most Interesting Person In A Room, You Are In The Wrong Room.”

Welcome to the Explorer’s Mind Podcast. I am Palma Michel and I look forward to co-creating with you.

One of my coaches once told me: “If you are the most interesting person in a room, you are in the wrong room.” Just ask yourself for a moment: Do you spend most of your time in a room where you are the most interesting person?

Maybe you have achieved all you ever wanted but there is still a small feeling of discontent, or a nagging background intuition that there must be more to life and this cannot be it? Maybe you have a dream that just feels out of reach, or maybe you feel stuck but don’t know what's missing?

What Can You Expect?

This podcast will provide a space where each guest has an inspiring story to tell that will stretch your idea of what is possible, inspire you to expand your mind and travel outside your comfort zone, in order to live a deeply fulfilled and meaningful life. We will provide you with the practical tools you need to rewire your mind, find your purpose, and live your best life. 

You can expect weekly episodes between 1 to 1.5 hours every Monday morning. Each episode will feature a different explorer and at the end, I will share some practical tools like guided reflections, meditations and coaching exercises that you can directly apply to your life.

There is only one life, this is it. And I want you to live your best life!


About Me

I work at the intersection of high performance and peak well being as a transformational coach and mindfulness teacher. My clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, and people who have been diagnosed with burnout or life-threatening illnesses. I have been invited to teach at organizations like CCN, Facebook, PwC, and universities like the LSE, and my meditations are featured on some of the most popular apps.


I've always been interested in human potential, philosophy, psychology, and the deeper meaning of life, but have studied law to please my family. After 2 law degrees, I started to work as a board-level headhunter at one of the top5 global firms. 

I always admired people who made their passion their profession, I just didn’t know what mine was at the time. I realized pretty quickly that happiness, meaning, and success were not really the same, and one didn't guarantee the other.


While living and working in Asia, I saw that so many people barely had anything, yet they were radiating a deep inner peace and joy, that I was somewhat lacking. No matter what I achieved, I never had a feeling that I arrived. There was this background restlessness and I was never fully present. So I became curious and started a quest to find myself by meditating daily, reading tons of books, and going to extended retreats. I studied some neuroscience and positive psychology and participated in a global research project that looked at fundamental well being and peak states.


In 2013, I left the corporate world to make my passion my profession, and I never looked back! I discovered that there is a deep inner peace inside all of us. Most of the time we just look into the completely wrong direction, thinking that something in the external world needs to change for us in order to get there.

Why Did I Start This Podcast?

I started this podcast to bring together people who followed their dreams and passions and people who went on deep inner journeys, as well as scientists who investigate consciousness and peak well being. 

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey together!


Continue Your Journey

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